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STM32CubeMX and LWIP on STM32F107

Question asked by Balas on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Ole56
My goal is to build a very simple HTTP server provided by the MCU.

With CubeMX I generated out an MDK-ARM project using the LWIP stack on Ethernet PHY with RMII.
Ethernet links up with 10Mb/s, but on some reason the DHCP request (generated by CubeMX) does not succeed, so my board does not acquires an IP address.
Also if I set a fix IP (through the CubeMX interface) - it is still not getting applied.

I have not done any modifications on the generated codes yet, just compiled and uploaded to the MCU board.

Do I need to add any additional start-up codes to enable DHCP or at least the FIX IP to work?
Unfortunatelly all of the application notes are for the standard libs, saying that it is already superseeded by CubeMX ... However I cannot find a usable tutorial/documentation/example for CubeMX on howto build a simple HTTP server on LWIP and Ethernet MAC+PHY.

Please advise!