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RESOLVED: Can't debug in RAM

Question asked by Brooks.David.001 on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Nesrine M

I’ve built an application, but I cannot debug in RAM. The project originated from the Cube TIM Example for the 429i Discovery Board. I am using an stm32f429xx_sram.icf file, which seems to correctly place ROM and RAM regions starting at 0x20000000. Symbol __ICFEDIT_intvec_start__ is defined at 0x20000000. The code compiles. I get the following message when I click “Download & Debug”:

“Warning: __vector_table symbol not found.

e_entry value: 0x2000F8B0 does not match reset vector value: 0x08001738”. ( I do not know where the 0x08001738 address is coming from. No symbol in the .map file is in the 0x0800 range.)

 I click OK and get this message:

 “The stack plug-in failed to set a breakpoint on “maim”. The Stack window will not be able to display stack contents.”

 I click OK again and the debug session opens. I click GO, but the code is essentially in the weeds. Nor can I  set a breakpoint.

Haven’t found an Example yet that includes a RAM-Debug configuration.

I am a new ST/IAR user, so this could be a simple issue in converting a Flash app to Debug-RAM app.

I found a similar post when searching on "__vector_table symbol not found". "All I had to do was check the "include debug information in output" under Options -> Linker -> Output." Jeez.