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Stm32Cube - Simulink - MikroC

Question asked by broeker.jens on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by qwer.asdf
I'm new here and i've the problem that i don't know how to get the generated code from simulink and CubeMX to my Microcontroller.

My Setup:
I use mikroC Pro and an EasyMX Prov7 board with STM32V107VCT6

Now I got the order to setup Simulink, CubeMX to get the code to my microchip.
First steps were fine, i generate the code in my simulink model and after that i saw that i'm able to generate EWARM, MDK-ARM or TrueStudio but i need microC or just hex files to send it to the microcontroller. Is there any workaroung, because Keil, IAR, Atollic are to expensive .

I hope you can help me