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USB HOST and MSC problem on STM32F7

Question asked by jahn.falko on Sep 30, 2015

i'm trying to implement msc class in my firmware to read usb stick's.
I used Stm32CubeMx to create the source code. I also implemented sd-card and fat file system. I can read  from sd-card without any problem. But i can only read from usb stick, if i disable data cache. Without Data cache i get a lot debug messages (i have debug level 3) like this :

USB Device Attached
PID: 1666h
VID: 951h
Address (#1) assigned.
Manufacturer : Kingston
Product : DataTraveler 3.0
Serial Number : 50E549513770BF20A986024D
Enumeration done.
This device has only 1 configuration.
Default configuration set.
Switching to Interface (#0)
Class    : 8h
SubClass : 6h
Protocol : 50h
MSC class started.
Number of supported LUN: 1
LUN #0: 
Inquiry Vendor  : Kingston
Inquiry Product : DataTraveler 3.0
Inquiry Version : PMAP
MSC Device ready
MSC Device capacity : 2848259584 Bytes
Block number : 30728831
Block Size   : 512

With Data cache i only get the message "USB Device Attached" and "USB Device disconnected"

I hope anyone can help


Sorry for my english