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[Bug] CubeMX generated USB Host file for MSC has typo

Question asked by belykh.aleksandr on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by belykh.aleksandr
In the file "usbh_msc.c" generated for STM32F407/427 there is typo in line 446:

446            if((phost->Timer - MSC_Handle->timer) > 10000)
447            {
448              MSC_Handle->unit[MSC_Handle->current_lun].state = MSC_TEST_UNIT_READY;
449              break;
450            }        


This condition makes sense if it is < instead of > because of timeout nature of it.
In the case of "<" this code does not connect MSC device correctly and returns debug messages like this:

Sense Key  : 6<LF>
Additional Sense Code : 28<LF>
Additional Sense Code Qualifier: 0<LF>

Which means according to Key Code Qualifier 
that device is in "Unit Attention" condition and is in process of not-ready to ready transition.

Does any one meets such issue?
What should I do to report this bug to CubeMX developers team?