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Very dangerous bug with dead time insertion

Question asked by Philippe on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by 68516

i have a very dangerous bug in CubeMx with HRTIM module (STM32F334C8). Sometimes the dead times are not inserted on the outputs. The configuration is done correctly but in the source file hrtim.c only the dead times for the timer A or B are set in the corresponding registers. The timer C is sometimes not set for the dead times. When it arrives the only solution is to create a new project.
I have to drive motors or SMPS and this bug affects the reliability of our future products.
When i make a modification in my CubeMx project i must verify in the hrtim.c file that dead times are correctly set.
I join a example project when the bug happens. In this case only the timer B outputs have a dead time inserted.

Thanks in advance