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STM32F4 slowed down

Question asked by delos_reyes.kristian on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by delos_reyes.kristian

I just wondering why my stm32f4 Discovery board seems to slowed down, I am still using the same program. I've just powered it on as usual and make it do its usual task of capturing data.. Then when I try to see the data it is capturing it is incomplete so I tried to re program it... still same results so I tried to see the signals on the scope and yes it really have slowed down so I have decreased the delay but now It cannot decode numeric data properly.

I will still check if the cable is the problem. but before that happened I am usually using it to transfer captured data on the serial at 961200 at a delay of FFF the program that recieves the data is a labview program. I have used a delay of FFF because the program cannot see data at a delay of FF now it can read at a delay of FF and if i increas my delay to FFF suceeding data are not read