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Can't make an USB device aplication using wizard on AC6 system workbench

Question asked by elgarbe on Sep 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by elgarbe
I want to create a new project that use USB device CDC library using System Workbench and not CubeMX. I make a new AC6 project, select my F4discovery board, and check USB Device Library and HAL firmware library.
When the wizard ends I have a new, almost empty, project and HAL library as external static lib.
But when I build my project several errors apears regarding of missing .h files. I can solve some (some one calls xxxx_template.h and I need to renemae and change an include), but now I have a missing file "usbd_desc.h" referenced on usbd_cdc.c
So, where do I found that file and why it is not correctly initialized the USB project on System Workbench? is it the offcial ST IDE?
Is there a guide to make USB device library work without using CubeMX?
Please, don't tell me "take the files from some example application and make change to run on discovery", please.


Thank and best regards