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STSW-Link-004 flash tool crashes on windows 10

Question asked by Happy on Sep 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Andrew Neil

I have a new 32STM429I-DISCO board (with LCD). My first step is to download the demo program from the board to a file as I did not find that binary anywhere, so I could flash that back later. I tried to use the ST-LINK tool but it crashes (see details below)

A Linux tool under Ubuntu 15.04 64bit can detect the board but I am not familiar enough with that tool yet how to download the program form the board.

Thanks a lot for any help to accomplish my goals.

Windows 10 problem details
STSW-Link 004, Windows 10 64 bit. Selecting target=>connect, utility crashes. The driver in device manager does not shows any problems.


The DLL exists in C:\windows\system32.  Selecting "debug" shows this in visual Studio