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STM32F417. PTP protocol support. Programming error or defect of microcontroller?

Question asked by korobchenko.andrej on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by french.james.001
I'm trying to implement support for PTP protocol based on microcontroller STM32F417. I had a problem.System timer PTP, an interrupt if the current time exceeds the value recorded in the registers Target time.This sets a flag in the register TSTS ETH_MACSR. This flag is cleared when the register is read ETH_MACSR. So says the Reference manual.However, in debug mode I saw that after reading TSTS flag register is not reset and the program gets stuck in an interrupt handler. So I put in interrupt handler loop, which again and again reads the contents of the register until ETH_MACSR TSTS flag is cleared.This works only in debug mode.When I run the program without the  programmer, it gets stuck in this loop forever.That is the flag TSTS not reset. Thank you!