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Stmf4-discovery debugger + USART problem

Question asked by kishore on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by kishore
I 'm new to stmf4 discovery and am facing problems in getting USART working on my STMf4 discovery board, I tried the same code as posted in the discussion "F4discovery using Uart 1". but when I click on "make and restart debugger", the debugger is running but the code is not getting downloaded into board, and also the debugger is supposed to point to first executable line in my main, but it does not..(the debugger starts in the "Go" state). when I try to step the code manually, only a handful of instructions from the "stmf4xx_rcc.c" gets executed again and again.  However, things work good when I repeat the same for a simple LED blinking program.    
plz help. Thanks in advance.