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How to use CubeMX to configure a Phase-controllled dimmer

Question asked by Brooks.David.001 on Aug 26, 2015
I have an application whereby I am controlling the intensity of an AC-powered bulb. I am doing this by Phase Control, where software controls hardware to apply AC voltage to the bulb for only a portion of the AC cycle. The STM32F051 has several features to automate this process. So, I am trying to use PD2 (TIM3_ETR) to detect a negative going zero-cross of the AC cycle. That edge should trigger TIM3 to count down its preprogrammed delay, and then when the timer expires, trigger a One Pulse Mode pulse of 1ms. Can anyone tell me how to properly and fully configure this functionality in Cube or point me to documentation that does?

I'd like to add, I need that single negative-going zero-cross signal on PD2 to trigger up to three dimmer timers at the same time. And keep in mind, I am not looking for a software solution for phase-controlled dimming. I am just trying to figure out how much of the configuration can be done through Cube.