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How to use CubeMX to set up IRTIM Feature

Question asked by Brooks.David.001 on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by 68516
I am trying to use CubeMX to set up the IRTIM feature on pin PB9 on an STM32F051. The feature is complicated, as it used TIM16 and TIM17 as well. After configuring PB9, TIM16 and TIM17 in Cube as I would expect, PB9 is orange on the Pinout Page. And, according to the example in  RM0091 Section A.10, there appears to be a number of additional configurations settings that need to be completed to make the feature work, but I am not finding those configuration settings in Cube. I guess there is always the possibility that Cube cannot configure the entire feature. Can anyone tell me how to properly and fully configure the IRTIM feature in Cube or point me to documentation that does?