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Encrption, Decryption in STM32F417VG

Question asked by Chain_Chelliah on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by Chain_Chelliah
Hi Eveyone. 

           I'm newbie to this forum and I would expect a single response for this post. Actually i want to encrypt the data that is come from LCD Ram. The dats size would be 37kb when i pass this to for encrption i got no response in my Hyperterminal. Before that i've come accross the more errors like L6406E in Keil. That error related to size of RAM, I had increase the size in TARGET tab in keil compiler then error had gone. But i didn't get proper ouput. It's obivious one that i'm struggling in size of RAM. Here i would like to known cryptographic constrains. If i had increase the block size more than 100, not getting proper output. 

                            I'm pleased if i got clear on this. Thanks in Advance.