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ST-Link Utility External Loader sources

Question asked by Luk3 on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Luk3

I have custom board with STM32F746NG, sdram and NOR flash Spansion S29GL128S10 mapped at 0x6000 0000. I tried to download bin file into nor using external loader (used STM32F756G-EVAL) M29W128GL looks very similar to S29GL128S. Writing few bytes works perfectly, sector erase too, mass erase doesn't. Writing larger bin file (~1MB) doesn't work...

In ST-Link directory are only few sources... Is it possible to get project for STM32F756G-EVAL?

One thing more.
I am exploring M29W128GL_STM3210E-EVAL example project and in file stm3210e_eval_fsmc_nor.c I can see makro that is used with write operation
#define ADDR_SHIFT(A) (Bank1_NOR2_ADDR + (2 * (A)))

Why A is multiplied by 2?