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STM32F4 Discovery Board

Question asked by oeztuerk.tugrul on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by baird.hal.001
Hello all,

at the moment I have some issues with the voltages on the STM32F4 Discovery Board. The two diodes D1 and D3 (BAT60JFILM) causes a voltage drop around 0.32V, so that the 5V only delivers 4,68V and not 5V. What is about the 3V Pin ?! I measure 2.95V, but I guess it must be 3.3V or ?!  Secondly I want to know if I can power the the Board through the 5V Pins with a external  5V power supply and at connect the USB cable to programm/debug the board at the same time ?! I just need a Vref of 3.3V because a ADC implementation in my project. I want to sample the signal of an MEMS accelerometer.

Thank you.

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