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STM3240G-EVAL with Demonstration Builder

Question asked by paulz on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by paulz

Just opened a STM3240G-EVAL kit.  I'm trying to get the STM32F2-F4 Demonstration Builder to run, without much success.  If I download the prebuilt binary "STM324xG_EVAL_Demonstration_Builder_V1.3.0.hex", it runs until I tap an ICON, then it crashes.  If I download the prebuilt binary "STM324x7I_EVAL_Demonstration_Builder_V1.3.0.hex, it runs fine.  Surprising, since this seems like the wrong CPU.

The box says this should have a STM32F407IGH6 part, but the chip says STM32F457IGH6.  So, which is the correct target for this board?  Why does the chip say "457"?

I have a full IAR license, and can rebuild the STM324xG-EVAL project in IAR, and it ends up in the hard fault handler.  There is also a STM324x7I-EVAL project in IAR, but it won't build, since it specifies a STM32F437II processor, which doesn't seem to be supported yet by IAR.

Any suggestions?