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STM32F4 Discovery with OV3640/OV5642 camera module

Question asked by sutariya.mahesh on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Andrew Neil

I am using STM32F4 discovery board and ported STM32_Eval DCMI(From OV2640)example to work with OV3640.

I used OV3640 to grab RGB image using settings from Arducam library QVGA setting. I could get image using my ported firmware and can see it in Irfanview(although looks very weird).

I am using same firmware with modified register setting(as per arducam library) for OV5642 module but somehow I am unable to get the image. I am getting DCMI_IT_FRAME interrupt but I think it is wrong because I am not getting any DMA interrupt which I think I should get. I can read OV5642 chipid using I2C interface correctly, Also I can read/write register correctly.

I am using 8MHz STM32F4 clock output(MCO1) to drive OV5642 clock.

Does any one have idea why I am not getting any DMA interrupt? 
ST peripheral library have register setting for OV2640 and OV9655 module. Where can i get similar register setting for OV3640/OV5642 module?