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Windows 8 won't recognize USB driver for STM32F4 discovery (resolved)

Question asked by pang.andrew on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by look.hook
I have a STM32-F4 discovery board, specific model # STM32F407 VGT6. Having connected it to my computer via USB I have successfully run its test programs. Additionally I have successfully built a test program that came with IAR EWARM 6.5.

However, I notice that IAR, the ST Link Utility, etc. have been unable to download programs to the board. I noticed that the Devices & Printers section of the Control Panel recognizes my board but has a yellow icon under the device icon, with status "needs troubleshooting" and "driver is unavailable", despite having installed the USB driver and the STLINK driver showing up in the programs & features section of control panel.

(On edit) Eventually I got my board to work on my old computer that had windows 7.