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STM32Cube F4 USB CDC Rx only once!

Question asked by Su.Tristan.001 on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Su.Tristan.001

HW board is stm32f429I-Discovery (MCU: stm32f429ZIT6).

I use STM32Cube MX V4.9 and stm32f429 firmware package V1.7 to generate source code of USB CDC function. GUI select device_only mode, and HSE to external 8MHz crystal, and configure USB clock to 48MHz, CPU: 168MH.


After I increase the heap size in stm32f4xxx_icf, then I can enumerate CDC successfully and TX(device to PC) characters continuously. 


But, the issue I met is RX(PC to device) only can do once. RX IRQ won't come again, even TX still works after that.


anyone met some issue? any thought to figure it out?
Thank you,


I check some internal control variables, such hpcd_USB_OTG_HS (Lock is HAL_UNLOCK, state is HAL_PCD_STATE_READY)


==RX call stack==