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STM32F4Discovery OTG HS in FS Mode with DMA does not enumerate

Question asked by herbert.hans on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Cat
Hy STM32 friends,
I am trying to implement an isochronous USB Audio Device with the USB OTG HS Core on the STM32F4Discovery with embedded FS PHY in DMA mode.
I recieve the setup telegram over EP0 with DMA but when i try to send the device descriptor
the OTG HS core does not send the Data over USB (tested with Logic Analyser).
If i switch of the DMA the device enumerates ok.
I tested if there is enough free space in the EP0 TxFifo.
txstatus.d32 = USB_OTG_READ_REG32( &pdev->regs.INEP_REGS[ep->num]->DTXFSTS) == 64<br>
<br>deptsiz.b.xfersize == 8

Does anybody have an idea?
The fifo configuration is as below:
#ifdef USB_OTG_HS_CORE<br> #define RX_FIFO_HS_SIZE                          512<br> #define TX0_FIFO_HS_SIZE                         64//128<br> #define TX1_FIFO_HS_SIZE                         0//372<br> #define TX2_FIFO_HS_SIZE                          372<br> #define TX3_FIFO_HS_SIZE                          0<br> #define TX4_FIFO_HS_SIZE                          0<br> #define TX5_FIFO_HS_SIZE                          0<br>

Hans Herbert