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Using SDIO instead of SPI in STM32

Question asked by evading on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2013 by Resinator
Hi all,
How can I use the SDIO to access to an uSD card with EFSL filesystem.
The example I have is using EFSL with SPI as communication interface.
I should have an interface.c file where I do a low level interface implementation, to initialize the hardware, read sectors from the disc, and write sectors to the disc.

The function that initializes the hardware using is stm32_eval_spi_sd:

esint8 if_initInterface(hwInterface* file, eint8* opts)
  euint32 sc;
  /* SDCard Capacity*/
  sc = SD_csd.DeviceSize + 1;
  sc *= (1 << (SD_csd.DeviceSizeMul + 2));
  sc *= (1 << (SD_csd.RdBlockLen));
  file->sectorCount = sc / 512;
  if ( (sc % 512) != 0)

How can I perform this function using the stm32_eval_sdio_sd instead of stm32_eval_spi_sd ?