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Cube F4 V1.7.0, Timer interrupt macros

Question asked by Vinci on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Vinci

Is there a specific reason that the timer interrupt macros for clear flag (and respectivly clear interrupt since they are the same) don't have an &= operator?

#define __HAL_TIM_ENABLE_IT(__HANDLE__, __INTERRUPT__)    ((__HANDLE__)->Instance->DIER |= (__INTERRUPT__))
#define __HAL_TIM_ENABLE_DMA(__HANDLE__, __DMA__)         ((__HANDLE__)->Instance->DIER |= (__DMA__))
#define __HAL_TIM_DISABLE_IT(__HANDLE__, __INTERRUPT__)   ((__HANDLE__)->Instance->DIER &= ~(__INTERRUPT__))
#define __HAL_TIM_DISABLE_DMA(__HANDLE__, __DMA__)        ((__HANDLE__)->Instance->DIER &= ~(__DMA__))
#define __HAL_TIM_GET_FLAG(__HANDLE__, __FLAG__)          (((__HANDLE__)->Instance->SR &(__FLAG__)) == (__FLAG__))
#define __HAL_TIM_CLEAR_FLAG(__HANDLE__, __FLAG__)        ((__HANDLE__)->Instance->SR = ~(__FLAG__))
#define __HAL_TIM_GET_IT_SOURCE(__HANDLE__, __INTERRUPT__) ((((__HANDLE__)->Instance->DIER & (__INTERRUPT__)) == (__INTERRUPT__)) ? SET : RESET)
#define __HAL_TIM_CLEAR_IT(__HANDLE__, __INTERRUPT__)     ((__HANDLE__)->Instance->SR = ~(__INTERRUPT__))

Currently the whole SR register except the flag you put in gets written?