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FreeRTOS v7.3.0 / CrossWorks v2.3 / STM32F4-discovery

Question asked by acv on Dec 28, 2012
Port of FreeRTOS (v7.3.0) using the Rowley Associates CrossWorks IDE (v2.3). The port is targeted for an ST, STM32F407VG, running on an STM32F4-discovery board. There are sixteen examples in a single CrossWorks solution. The examples are from Richard Barry's excellent introduction to FreeRTOS. The examples have been ported specifically to STM32F4-discovery board.  The port runs at 160MHz.  There is extensive use of the Debug Terminal to show what's going on.

A PDF is also provided, containing information on the port itself, building, and running the examples.

To minimize cross-posting of the same material, it is posted on in the FreeRTOS Community Contributions. It's in the ST section with the same title as this post. You can also get it directly from my SVN repository. Here's the link:

svn checkout the-embedded-world-read-only

I hope you find this useful.