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Connection to F100 Discovery board lost with a Cube project

Question asked by mich.lei on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by mich.lei
I have a Discovery board with STM32F100RB MCU. It looks like this
When I program it with software from it's page
The JTAG/SWD connection is normal but when I program a hex file from Cube the connection is immediately lost.

02:07:19 : [GPIOToggle.hex] opened successfully.
02:07:21 : Memory programmed in 0s and 359ms.
gpiouart1 is a Cube project.
02:07:46 : [gpiouart1 Con1_27_07.hex] opened successfully.
02:07:49 : Memory programmed in 0s and 578ms.
02:07:51 : Disconnected from device.
02:07:51 : Connection to device is lost: check power supply and debug connection.
02:07:51 : If the target is in low power mode, please enable "Debug in Low Power mode" option from Target->settings menu.

I can't find any big differences in IDE settings. Only include files are different. So not a Keil problem, I think.
Yes, It is getting late, but what could be the problem.