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STM32CubeMX init hang on ETH STM32F4/DP83848

Question asked by Aeneas on Jul 26, 2015

In a STM32F427/DP83848 PCB configuration, I am finding that the LWIP/Ethernet initialization is hanging at a statement waiting for the Software Reset to clear.
What specifically is the Ethernet MAC engine awaiting ?
I read somewhere that subsequent to issuing the Software Reset,
that the code should then select MII/RMII choice and then
re-enable MAC clocks from the PHY.
This would imply that some sort of Isolate command would be sent
to the PHY prior to Software Reset, and then de-Isolate be issued subsequently.
I do not see that sequence in the example code here, so I interested to know
what has been learned about this initialization hang since these issues were
initially posted.
And specifically, what event(s) signals the MAC to exit Software Reset mode ?