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We are  using STM32L053R8.What is the best method (Clock and Low power modes) to achieve lowest power consumption while taking ADC reading every one second? Also whether to use RTC or LPTIM or combination of both to wakeup the device from the Low Pow...
I tried using the sleep mode in STM32L053R8, it gets stuck in this condition. what is the reason. if((ulpbit != 0) && (vrefinbit != 0)){SET_BIT(PWR->CR, PWR_CR_ULP);}
Can we use the Internal ADC Vref channel and External analog input channel simultaneously in STM32L053R8 and get data using DMA.?
How to interface Bosch BME688 sensor to stm32f446re via I2C
For producing 4KHz resonant frequency sound from a buzzer using 32KHz system clock, what should be the Prescaler value and Period(ARR)? Is there any rules for defining these values?
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