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Hi Team,I am using STM32G0B1KxT and code is successfully uploaded. The code is referred from sample code only still it is not working. Here CAN is CANFD but I am using as classic mode.I am attaching snippet of CAN part and main.c file.    
I am using st25r3911b. I got the firmware package from ST website but the code is to heavy. It is sending data on USB or either UART but I don't want to use that. Can I get a simple code where I can get only interrupt and NFC TAG ID?
I am using stm32f072 discovery board and using SDCard. I want to compress text data in SDCard. I gone through internet and found some libraries like uzlib and miniz...but can you suggest me what is the best way to compress data? is this possible to m...
I am using stm32f072rb discovery board... I want to use SRAM as mass storage... I am attaching the project... I am getting the memory on windows but on the format it shows an error like "windows is unable to format".
I am using stm32f072rb discovery board. I am connecting memory card using SPI. I want to use USB MSC and want to see the SDCard data on PC. How can I do that? I used the USB_MSC_Standalone example but not working. I am attaching the code. The disk is...
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