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I am trying to set up 3 ADC.  I set PA4 to ADC1_INP18, PA5 to ADC2_INP19 and PF11 to ADC1_INP2.  Will this be something that works?  I am monitoring 3 lines (none NEED to be fast).I'm not clear on how to set this up.  I am multiplexing several inputs...
We have also deleted the OTG (USBC) hardware and have commented out the code to check for the OTG power., Otherwise we are using the basic defconfig and the DK2 devtree.
I have several projects already configured for STM32MP157C and I don't want to have to build them all over again if I can help it. Also, my team is asking I not move the Ecosystem (but if that is my only answer I will.)
Correct me if I'm wrong. UART4 is used to program eMMC via the ROM monitor. Exactly what GBA pins are used? Is there any "special" circuitry involved?
Trying to program over ST-LINK instead of DFU. Boot0 and Boot2 are both switched away from the card edge. Here is what I am seeing:letter@steve-T7500:~/work/Starter-Package/stm32mp1-openstlinux-5-4-dunfell-mp1-20-11-12/images/stm32mp1$ STM32_Progra...
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