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Is there any way to update 4 textarea with a single invalidate call? Or is there any way to add multiple text area in a custom container and update all text area with a single call of invalidate?
 Currently, i am working on TouchGfx.But my code gets stuck in the first execution of MX_TouchGFX_Process.  I use external RAM and Waveshare 7-inch TFT display.@Piranha  Could please help me to resolve the issue?
I want to perform a bulk transfer from the STM32 device to my host device. Is stm32 USB stack support it support.
Hi allCurrently, I am working on a project in which I have to design an application in such a way that it should support DHCP and static IP mode based on user choice. And this would be in FREERTOS. Users can back and forth between static and DHCP mod...
I want to measure ethernet throughput in stm32 using iperf3. can anyone help me to do it?
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