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Hi,I tried it on two different STLINK-V3PWR tools and its VCP(RX and TX) is not working after shorting the RX and TX pin with external jumper to bring it into loop back test.Is there any remedy for this ?Regards,VK Verma 
Hi,I am using STM32L4R7VIT which is having OSPI interface and I have connected M9501 Memory which is the single SPI mode memory. I found no example in cube repository or in any post in community which interacted with this issue.Regards,VK Verma 
Hi,I tried all available suggestions in this community on similar topic but non worked to call the STM32 embedded USB DFU bootloader from the application without using boot pin.Whereas It is successfully able to  enter in STM32 DFU mode when boot pin...
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