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Hello everyone,I want use USB port as USB OTG but firmware do not support this mode, instead Device and Host modes separately. Where can I read example of USB OTG driver implementation for free?Thanks in advance
Hello everyone.SLCC generated a strange instruction similar to JRF, represented as .byte 0x21 pseudo-instruction. Can anyone explain what this is? A code snippet is provided in the attachment. The compiler options are as follows: -mstm8 --out-fmt-elf...
Hello everyone,Is it possible to create Run-in-RAM code using SDCC? If possible then how to do this?Thanks in advance.
Hello everyone,Is it possible, without using third-party programs, to calculate the largest stack consumption of the non-recursive function by free STM8 tools based on SDCC?Thanks in advance.
Hello everyone,Which of the microcontrollers in STM32 series contains the least silicon erratas, and has the best quality and reliability.Thanks.
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