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I'm still trying to get the USB CDC example to work on my STM32F072 disco board. I dug out my ancient Ellisys USB tracker and I can see enumeration looks good. When I hook up to Teraterm all I get is NAKs though. What should that be telling me? 
As I'm having problems passing images in private messages I'm posting my schematic for an STM32F765 to Ethernet Phy here. 
I've got the USB CDC VCOM standalone example compiled and running from documentation has some noteable gaps, some of which...
I bought an STM32F072 disco board specifically to develop a USB CDC application, but I can't now find an example or demo in STM32CubeMX V6.10. I found this thread
A web search tells me I have a problem! My STM32 target has a MIPI10 connection for SWD debugging which works great with my I-jet probe. I now need to use an STLink but none of the supplied cables are for a MIPI10 target. Where can I buy such a cable...
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