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STM32CubeMX 6.9.0 keyboard entry no response frozen, freeze, stuck (Linux)

Senior III

Using the latest CubeMX 6.9.0 on Ubuntu  23.04  The following has happened quite a few times in the past years , also on  previous Linux and CubeMX versions. Now would like to raise this  issue as it's becoming very annoying now doing more work in CubeMX. There are now more situations where the keyboard just does not respond anymore. The mouse does.

1. When creating a new project and entering an partnumber, the dialog box  sometimes get stuck. Mostly after entering a partnumber that does not exists.  You can continue by  selecting from the drop down list and then creating the project,  but when trying to save you are out of luck, you cannot enter a filename so you have to start all over again. a lot of wasted time.


2. When entering a pin number in the dialog box. sometimes this text box get stuck. Luckily you can save the project, but need to close CubeMX and restart it gain. A lot of time wasted.



This happens no matter it is an MCU or MPU project





Lead II

Hello @debugging 

I suggest you to update to CubeMX 6.9.1 and look if the problem persist. Else I suggest you to uninstall all the ST tools, files, directorys,.. and reinstall them. That may solve the problem.

Best regards.


Senior III

Is that because of a release note for 6.9.1 that would address this problem or just a wild guess / trial and error attempt ?

no need to update, because this editor hang-up still there...

i have ide 1.13.1 (with cube  6.9.1-RC1) installed on Linux MX18, some days ago.

Problem is in text boxes, to make some input, ie giving user defined name to a pin.

i had named a pin with LED on it : led-red . ok, but then i decided to write it more nice: to LED-red ->

open the dialog box on pin, click mouse -> cursor to "-" position, then backspace to delete the "red" . pops up : >> names must begin with a character or number << (or similar) -> OK. 

but from now on cannot edit anything useful any more ! even close and open MX view : problem remains!

only close and restart full IDE makes edit possible again.

Always some fun with STM /or java (?) software . 🙂

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Senior III

Yup, and I have  feeling it's related to backspace. It happens often when trying to correct the entry in text boxes. Interesting no one reported this and I experienced this freeze for many years ! Not sure, but I believe CubeIDE is based on Eclipse., perhaps related to the core eclipse code.


--- dont believe ...just look:


+ edit box:

and problem may be : destroy start of string , using backspace.



this eclipse/java sh.t can make some surprise:

- on my laptop with Win10 , IDE 1.13.1 open never again, after creating a project. only >> error occured. see log. <<


and here, on my Linux PC, had to install IDE new, after i made a big mistake: i install additional color scheme in eclipse, from eclipse marketplace. then i got new colors for Java - BUT cannot edit C-files anymore. IDE destroyed.

big surprise.... 

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