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Problem in CubeMX 6.4.0 with correct ADC settings


CubeMX 6.4.0 shows an invalid setting for ADC Continuous Conversion Mode.

But this entry has to be disabled in this configuration for correct operation (one ADC channel is triggered by timer). It was also no problem in earlier CubeMX versions.

@STM: Can you check this problem in CubeMX please (see attached IOC file)?

Thank you in advance!



Hello @SStor​ ,

First let me thank you for having reported.

I can reproduce the same behavior from my side even with earlier CubeMX version (I did the test with the previous 6.3.0).

Actually, this error is observed because of the activation of Continuous Conversion Mode in ADC1 (the master). The problem diagnostic is displayed in the description panel:

0693W00000HqcgRQAR.pngFurthermore, backing to STM32F77 Reference Manual: in multi ADC mode, the start of conversion is triggered by the ADC1 master to the ADC2 and ADC3 slaves:

0693W00000HqcPqQAJ.pngI assume that CubeMX ignores that independent mode is selected, and it is requiring that Continuous Conversion Mode for ADC2/3 cannot be set differently from the master (ADC1) .

With this being said, I'm reporting this point internally for further check.

I'll keep you posted with the updates.

Thanks for your contribution.