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How to use SX1280 Transceiver with STM32MP157A-DK1for SPI Connection and Data Transmitting/Receiving?

Associate III

Hi its me again,

I'm told that i need to use SX1280 Transceiver with a STM32MP157A-DK1 (using ARM Cortex A-7 coding in C/C++) for SPI connection, im gonna take that SPI data and save it into a .txt file. Saving it into txt file is the easy, right now i can write given pre-made string into a txt file and save it on the Board. But i actually dont understands how to access/use SPI. i've looked and made some research about SPI in these sites and many more: (the transmitter)

then i was told that if im gonna use this transmitter then i need to use this driver in my project:

which is the real confusing part for me, i can't managed to use this driver. It has some example codes in it (the Test.cpp) but i cant build them and i got several build errors.

Then i found this following pages :

Can i use this to communicate to receive and transmit data with SX1280?


yes you can do it. SX1280 is slave and STM32MPU is master right? You have to modify the DT on A7 side