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source code of stm32f103vbt6

Associate II

hello team,

i want to interface stm32f103vbt6 motor driver with stm32c031c6.please provide me the source code

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

You're going to need to give a lot more details than that!

I need to control Hiwonder HX-12H motor by Hiwonder LSC-32-v1.4(stm32f203vbt6) servo motor driver, interfacing with stm32c031c6 MCU by using UART.


Please give links to the specifications/details of those parts.


@dee1 wrote:

 interfacing with stm32c031c6 MCU by using UART.

Then you need to know the protocol used over that UART link.

Study the documentation for your "servo motor driver" for details, and/or contact the manufacturer and/or supplier.

Have you tried an internet search for code relating to your "servo motor driver" ?

GitHub is a good place to search for source code ...


You may start by using CubeMx tool to configure one of the UART peripherals available on the MCU and inspire from any example provided in one of CubeHAL examples here. (From STM32CubeF4).

Unfortunately there is no example available in STM32CubeC0 package.

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