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How do I use data sent over virtual UART data from the M4 on the A7?

Senior II

I know this is probably a really *** question but how do I actually use the data I send from the A4 to the M7 of the STM32MP1 chips?  I ran the examples that are clearly setup to send messages from the M4 to the A7 via the virtual UART, which are then echoed onto the Linux Console.  

Let's say I wanted to send a command to the A7.  If I sent the text "gotosleep" from the M4 to the A7 over the virtual UART, which would then trigger the A7 to run "systemctl suspend" to put the A7 in suspend mode, how would I approach that?  

I haven't quite figure out how to essentially trigger the A7 to execute a script (such as putting it to sleep) from the A4.  It seems like it's probably a pretty simple process, I'm just not sure where to look.  

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

ST Employee

Hi @JayDev 

you should write your own application using you favorite environment (Python, C, etc...) to manage the tty data reception and then do the action you are wanted for your product.

That's not specific to virtual UART.


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