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STM32MP157F-DK2: No console output and unable to boot after migrating from Kernel 5.4 to 5.15.118


I am in the process of migrating from Yocto Dunfell to STM kirkstone and using layers from oe-manifest/default.xml at kirkstone · STMicroelectronics/oe-manifest (

Also, I am using a modified Flashlayout tsv file:

#Opt    Id      Name        Type        IP      Offset      Binary
-       0x01    fsbl-boot   Binary      none    0x0         arm-trusted-firmware/tf-a-stm32mp157f-dk2-serialboot.stm32
-       0x03    fip-boot    FIP         none    0x0         fip/fip-stm32mp157f-dk2-trusted.bin
P       0x04    fsbl1       Binary      mmc0    0x00004400  arm-trusted-firmware/tf-a-stm32mp157f-dk2-sdcard.stm32
P       0x05    fsbl2       Binary      mmc0    0x00044400  arm-trusted-firmware/tf-a-stm32mp157f-dk2-sdcard.stm32
P       0x06    metadata1   Binary      mmc0    0x00084400  arm-trusted-firmware/metadata.bin
P       0x07    metadata2   Binary      mmc0    0x000C4400  arm-trusted-firmware/metadata.bin
P       0x08    fip-a       FIP         mmc0    0x00104400  fip/fip-stm32mp157f-dk2-trusted.bin
P       0x12    rootfs      FileSystem  mmc0    0x05984400  image-stm32mp157f.ext4


I also have enabled `earlycon` in Linux Kernel configuration for debugging purpose.
I am able to make the Board boot up till U-Boot, where Linux Kernel is getting loaded and is printing early kernel initialization debug messages but after the console getting initialized which is somehow got changed from ttySTM0 to ttySTM3, kernel is not printing anything.
I was expecting that Kernel should print some error messages where it is unable to find root dev or init program, but it is not printing anything at all and board gets reset after few seconds.
Please see attached boot log for reference.

PS: I am using initramfs bundled in a FIT image


ST Employee

Hi @gauravpathak 

This post has been escalated to the ST Online Support Team for additional assistance. 

We'll contact you directly.


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Hi @Olivier GALLIEN 
I would also like to know the correct usage of INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE variable in openembedded-core kernel-fitimage.bbclass
If I set it to 1, like INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1", I am getting 

| install: cannot stat 'arch/arm/boot/fitImage': No such file or directory

but if I set it to 0 (zero), like INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "0"
the initrams image bundle doesn't get created and board doesn't boot.

To me it seems this is the root cause of the issue, but I am unsure how to resolve it.

Hi @gauravpathak 


This post has been escalated to the ST Online Support Team for additional assistance. 


I am contacting you directly now.