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First STM32 project with STM32MP1x as target

Associate III

Hello everyone,

I've installed STM32CubeIDE and I've created a new STM32 project with STM32MP1x (in this case STM32MP131AAE3) as target but in the project there are only two directories (DeviceTree and Drivers).
There isn't a source directory ("src") with C files where I can write my code. So... where can I write the code? What can I do?

ST Employee

Hi @thetectivestm ,

Yes, this is normal up to CubeIDE 1.13 because so far MP13 was only supported in Linux and CubeIDE only generate device tree and not source code

From Yesterday and release of our STM32CubeMP13 ( aka baremetal) along with version CubeIDE 1.14 you can generate HAL based code. 

Hope it's clear ! 

Did you plan to use Linux or HAL/RTOS on MP13 ?





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Thank you for your reply.
The choice (HAL or Linux) depends. If I use a MCU, I can convert a neural network (NN) with STMCube.AI; but in this case I have a MPU and I know that there is only X-Linux-AI to do the conversion so I need to use OpenSTLinux, is it right? Is there an other way to convert a NN (without using Linux)?