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Resolved! I can't control I2C4 for STMPIC1 from u-boot.

We made device tree for u-boot of stm32151c. But it can't work i2c4 for STPMIC1. PZ4,PZ5 is correctly connected to STMPIC1 with pull-up resistance.SDA,SCL has no signal.Attached is a device tree file.Please let me know what additional point to review...

bkwak by Associate II
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How to include fw_printenv in rootfs.

Hi, i am running yocto on STM32MP157 C reference board,Now I want use the fw_printenv from the user space for that I have found the recipe in the BSP i.e sources/poky/meta/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ but if I include u-boot-fw-uti...

Smedi by Associate II
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Resolved! How to configuration for STM32MP151

I want to change the environment with STM32MP151. but I can't find about this information , ​ question 1) How to configure STM32MP151 for uboot ? how to change to single core from dual core ?​2) How to configure STM32MP151 for linux kernel?...

bkwak by Associate II
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ST Linux boot from remote host over NFS

In regular kernel and application development, does ST Linux running on the STM32MP15x series MPU allow booting over the network to a remote developer host, i.e. nfs-boot or similar so that "in-place" debugging can be performed?thanks, -pete u.

ThePUP by Associate III
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Resolved! User space applications and OpenAMP

STM32MP1.Working on an solution that will use OpenAMP between M4 and A7 and then to user space. The M4 will run real time critical code that will send a message to the A7 when data is available,  Got the raw and USART samples compiled nder CubeIDE an...