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[STM32WLE5CC] MCU in standby mode and Sub-GHz radio module in listening mode

Associate II


I have a trouble using the listening mode of the Sub-GHz radio module to wake-up the STM32WLE5CCU6 MCU from the standby mode. 

My MCU is configured to wake-up on RFIRQ (EWRFIRQ = 1).

My radio module is configured in listening mode with a 15 seconds RX period and 105 SLEEP period. All the IRQ are disabled with the Cfg_DioIrq() function except RX_DONE.

However, my MCU is wake-up (reset) each time after RX period duration (15 seconds here).

So I have the feeling that even if the "RX or TX timeout" IRQ is disabled, the IRQ is forced by the radio module and wake-up the MCU. 


Is there any trouble in my configuration ? Is it possible to use the listening mode when the MCU is in standby mode ? 


Best regards.