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Send sound file size at least 2Mb through Bluetooth STM32WB


Hi everyone,

I am working on the project that need to capture sound for sometime and send it to pc through BLE. 
I am a bit new to STM32WB,
1- I have some questions regarding, how we can use on of the examples of STM32WB and turn it to this requirement.
2- do we need fragmentation here? if yes what you guys suggest.

Thank you.

ST Employee

Hello @onvol2024 ,
Let me point to this firmware package which could answer your request:
FP-AUD-BVLINKWB1 - STM32Cube function pack for STM32WB MCU featuring full-duplex audio streaming over Bluetooth 5.0 using Opus codec - STMicroelectronics

In the documentation you have a quick guide which explain the different examples already available:

As you can see, the package doesn't provide example of direct BLE audio transmission between STM32WB and PC. But I guess you can still adapt the examples to reach this goal.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Alan Porte
ST MCU Support Team