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Peer address displays (wrongfully) as public in peripheral bonding list

Senior II

First bonding (STM32WB55). As peripheral. 

On bonding event,  I read the peer address and it is displayed as type PUBLIC (0) but  the address is not the public address of the peer, it is also not the static random address as well. So what address is it? and is it a bug that stack shows it as public? ( there could be only one public address according no my understanding)


Client Public: 0x00A050D99254

Client Static Random:  0x7D01E3C778EE


Result after bonding:

Peripheral (STM32WB55) Bonding read:  0x00A050504320 , Type : 0 (PUBLIC)


The result address has similar start to the public address 0x00A050, BUT

Trying to resolve the address ( 0x00A050504320 ) does not resolve it ! ( not private I guess)

Trying to check if device is bonded using (0x00A050504320) with type 0 ( Public) return success ??

Issue is it is not the public address! and does not resolve to it as well.


My guess it is some kind of a random address generated by the peer, that is not private, and not public and not static random, but you say it is public.


Please update if its a bug and if there is going to be a  fix to it please.