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Error: FUS_STATE_ERR_UNKNOWN: Unknown error


Hello, I am using a P-NUCLEO STM32WB Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 Nucleo Pack including a USB dongle.
While trying to update the FUS of the USB Dongle to set up a Thread network, I encountered several errors.
Initially, I was able to connect in DFU mode, but after attempting the update, Windows no longer detected the USB dongle.
I then used the ST-Link to try to perform the update, but encountered these errors:

You can also find some informations related to the dongle.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 143244.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 143334.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 143537.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 144025.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 144225.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 150936.pngScreenshot 2024-05-22 143009.png
Is it still possible to recover the USB dongle? Any help would be appreciated, 

ST Employee

Hello @Marshall08 

According to your screenshot, SBRV is equal to 0x3D800 that indicate FUS v0.5.3 is running on your board. So, you must update the FUS using the stm32wb5x_FUS_fw_for_fus_0_5_3.bin binary.

Best Regards.


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