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Cell chemistry advises for Lora


There are quite a number of cell chemistry for Lithium (and possibly others).  Which one is good for Lora:

Transmit time of 1.5 seconds or less, current 1C or less. 

Recharge 0.5C to be safe (may be 1C on spec.).

Normal (non transmit) low duty cycle load is fraction of second every many seconds.  Battery life one to several weeks.

High-end consumer device price point.  Small size, light weight and high energy density.

Many thanks

ST Employee

Hello @David_ 

I dont have any specific recommandations. But what i suggest you is to do a selction of available products on the market that includ the caracteristics you are looking for. Then, you can perform durability tests or others to make the final choice.

Best regards.


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