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USB HOST with STM32F407 can not activate CH340

Associate II

I'm using STM32F407 as a USB host. I have multiple devices in which we are using CH340E as the USB to serial communication. The problem is if that device somehow turns off and CH340E loses its power. The USB Host can not transmit data to the other device through CH340E. But if I just turn on that device and connect it to a PC USB and then transmit anything to that device through a virtual terminal, the USB host can transmit & receive data with that device until it is powered down. 

AppliState becoming ready all the time. That means MCU can get the interface. When PC starts communication, it sends a USB configuration file to the device via USB drivers. But in MCU, there is no such driver software. Only have line coding. 


Now, my question is, is it possible to set the USB configuration of CH340E from STM32 USB Host? If so, how to do that? 

Thanks in advance. 

Compiler: STM32CubeIDE, Version: 1.15.0

ST Employee

Hello @MKDas 

Similar case was asked here Hi ST community, I would like to use CH340G USB UA... - STMicroelectronics Community 

STM32CubeProgrammer should be able to program via the USB-UART converter.


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