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USB FS Device parse_config_desciptors Error

Senior II


I've enable a USB device as a virtual com port.  It works well however sometimes I get the following warning in CubeMX's console when I hit 'debug'.  The warning appears after I 'continue' after the first 'HAL_Init' debug break point.

"libusb: warning [parse_config_descriptors] config length mismatch wTotalLength 67 real 9"


Most times the USB connection appears as a virtual com port I can connect to, but when that warning appears, the USB virtual com port does not appear in the selections of com ports to connect to in Linux.   The warning appears after a dozen

I just had the warning appear and I restarted CubeMX and the warning did not appear and can now connect to the USB virtual com port.  

Any ideas on what is causing the warning?