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TSC peripheral - Linear Slider



I have a board with a interlaced 4 segment capacitive slider, not half-ended, connected to channels G2-IO2, G3-IO2, G4-I02 and G5-IO2, so in the same bank but different groups, as it should be I suppose. Can anyone please tell me what comfigurations I have to set in the Touchsensing configuration to make it work as expected? There are option for M1, M2 and H sliders. I chose M1. Next I have to choose between Extended and Basic type. Extended works the best, but the measurements of the position are still a mess. Sliding a finger across the sensor registers maximum value in the middle as well as one end, so I have no idea what is going on. Also choosing the other options makes for example half of the sensor completely inactive, which is strange.
Did anyone work with this before? How did you do this? Any suggestion why it is not working properly?

Thanks for answers,
lost and confused engineering student.