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STM32H743 FMC LCD (SSD1963)

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I have a question for my colleagues who use FMC to communicate with LCD. I am using CoreH7XXI with 743. The display does not respond to the data I send to it. I used Core4X9I with 429 before and everything worked. My question is whether I need to set something else apart from FMC. I don't know if it's a faulty module or a software problem. I've been working on this problem for three days now. I use CubeIDE 1.13.2 for configuration. I still use SDRAM. Configuration is error-free. The program does not hang. I read on the forums and no one wrote about the problems I have. Could it be faulty hardware?

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It could always be faulty hardware, but it's usually a software problem.

If you can find a relevant LCD example to start from, that may be your best approach. You can also systematically debug your code, verify hardware connections, verify software on known good hardware, etc.

In particular, be aware of caching on the M7 core. I would disable caching while debugging until the code is up and running.

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Also, make sure the FMC are used to connect the LCD is set as Device in MPU. You may want to check the available remaps as an alternative to programming the MPU.

At any case, the basic approach to debug this is to observe the LCD signals using LA/oscilloscope.


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I don't have an oscilloscope. I cannot check whether the control signals physically appear. I tried the MPU, but it didn't help. I looked through the registers using the debugger. I checked the states of RW, RD, CS and RS. SDRAM works fine. Only the FMC part responsible for SRAM does not work. As I wrote earlier, the display works because I checked it with STM32F429. I have to buy a new integrated circuit because I have no other way to check if this one is good.